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"There are two main goals for us when it comes to hiring: first, participating at events where we can talk to candidates and get a feel on the situation. Second, with a targeted promotion of our openings we can have impact on a lager level. NewSpaceJobs is the place where we see results and a growing audience. Exactly what we were looking for."

- Bernd Weiss, CEO of Catalyze Space (


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Can you help us find the best candidates?

Yes and no! We can help you send out targeted invitations in our hand-picked network of talent, but we don't do interviews on your behalf. We are not a recruitment company, but more of a tech platform to enable connections in the New Space industry.

Are there any opportunities to engage with potential candidates?

Yes, definitely! One great way is that we are actively collaborating with the space career event company SpaceJobFair. Their dedicated events can connect you with the best candidates in all disciplines involved in the New Space industry. You can read more about SpaceJobFair on their website.

How long my job listing will stay on the site?

Your listing will not expire. This will give publicity to your company even when you already filled the position. If you want to take it down, send us an email at

What is a premium job listing?

Premium job listings are highlighted in our site, attracting more attention from potential applicants. Besides, we send them in 4 newsletters (for a month) instead of in just 1, overall getting a lot more exposure.

How does a highlighted premium listing look like?

A premium job listing looks like this in the main page:

UX designer
Company A
Creative director
Your company
Your office location

Do you offer discounts for academia and non-profits?

Yes, email us at and we will create a unique discount coupon for your organization.

How do I delete a job listing?

If you wish to take a listing out of the site, please email us at

How do I update a job listing?

If you wish to update the description of a listing, please email us at