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CESAR Science & Operations IT Support


Full-time position

Location: ESAC, Madrid, Spain

Category: Software Engineering
Published on: Nov 14, 2018 - 2018

Specific Tasks

Provide Science and Operations IT Support to the CESAR mission by performing the following tasks:

 Development and maintenance of all CESAR educational SW framework:

o maintenance of the CESAR web pages and content management;

o SW support for the development of interactive Scientific educational cases;

o maintenance of CESAR infrastructure SW (e.g. control room; monitoring system; educational tools; etc.);

o ensure security standards are duly applied to all CESAR SW associated developments o manage CESAR database system;

o development and maintenance of CESAR educational management software tools (calendar tools; web administration tools, databases; Web interface for schools; etc.);

IT support and hardware coordination for CESAR programme:

o configuration and maintenance of computers and related hardware for the CESAR project (CESAR Control Rooms; computers; 3D printer; 3D projector, network hubs, wall monitors, educational computers for training; etc.);

o maintain CESAR regular inventory;

o CESAR telescopes Webcams network maintenance;

Multimedia content creation for CESAR Education:

o support the creation of a CESAR Interactive School by supporting the creation of APP and web-based interactive educational tools based on CESAR developed scientific cases; o configure and manage CESAR hangout sessions for teachers workshops; o continuous assessment of new potential technologies for innovative education initiatives (e.g. virtual reality; augmented reality; robotics; 3D printing; etc.)

o CESAR Community manager coordinator/supervisor; o coordinate the development of CESAR promotional Multimedia image and videos;


  • University degree and experience in relevant fields.
  • Experience in software programming, notably using JAVA, C#, Visual Studio, APP developments (IOS & Android), Arduino and Web design.
  • Experience in educational projects, notably for primary and secondary schools.
  • Sound knowledge and experience in Multimedia edition (Videos production, post-production, image processing, CAD design, web 2.0, JavaScript, augmented reality, …)
  • Proficiency in the use of Linux, Windows and iOS.
  • Excellent organisation skills for projects execution and associated documentation.
  • Fluency in English and Spanish.
  • laboratory test equipment and instrumentation. 

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