Top 50 Viewed Interviews

Top 50 Viewed Interviews So Far from the Business of Space Interview Series

ALE Co - Lena Okajima, Founder & CEO, Tokyo, Japan

Astrapi Corporation - David M. Shaw, Co -Founder & CCO, Dallas, USA

Astrobotic - Carolyn Pace, Business Development & Customer Relations Coordinator, Pittsburgh, USA

Astrocast - Fabien Jordan, CEO, Portland, USA

Audacy - James Spicer, Head of Engineering, Mountain View, USA

Bee Partners - Principal, Principal, San Francisco, USA

Bluefield - Yotam Ariel, CEO, San Francisco, USA

Border Labs - Thieme Hennis, Founder, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bradford Engineering - Patrick Van Put, Technical & Business Director, Heerle, Netherlands

CubeCab - Adrian Tymes, CEO, Mountain View, USA

DIYROCKETS - Darlene Damm, Founder & CEO, Mountain View, USA

EarthLab Luxembourg - Sylvain Arts, Director of Sales & Marketing, Kayl, Luxembourg

Elysium Space - Thomas Civeit, Founder, San Francisco, USA

Final Frontier Design - Ted Southern, President, Brooklyn, USA

German Orbital Systems - Walter Ballheimer, CEO, Berlin, Germany

Gilmour Space Technologies - Michelle Gilmour, Director, Pimpama, Australia

Inner Space Training - Dr. Mindy Howard, Director & Lead Trainer, The Hague, Netherlands

International Launch Services - Peter Stier, Senior Dir. Sales of Americas, Reston, USA

ispace - Kyle Acierno, Global Business Development Manager, Tokyo, Japan

Kacific - Cyril Annarella, Co -Founder & COO, Singapore

Kleos - Andy Bowyer, Director, Leicester, UK

Kubos - Tyler Browder, Co -Founder & VP Business Development, Denton, USA

Leaf Space - Giovanni Pandolfi, Co -Founder & CTO, Milan, Italy

LEOSIS - Philip Miller, President, Charleston, USA

Lunar Experiences - Ron McCandless, Founder, Dublin, Ireland

Maritime Launch Services - John Isella, CEO, Halifax, Canada

NanoAvionics - Vytenis Buzas, CEO, Vilnius, Lithuania

Near Earth - Hoyt Davidson, Founder & Managing Partner, Stamford, USA

neuco - Laurie Scott, Co -Founder & Director, Chichester, UK

Oxford Space Systems - Mike Lawton, Founder & CEO, Harwell, UK

Planet Zebunar - Dr Norah Patten, Founder, Dublin, Ireland

Plasma Ten - Bradley Edwards, Founder, New York, USA

Reaktor Space Lab - Tuomas Tikka, CEO of Reaktor Space Lab, Helsinki, Finland

Rocket Crafters - Ron Jones, President & Chief Technology Officer, Titusville, USA

Saber Astro - James Bultitude, Space Engineer, Chippendale, Australia

Sapienza Consulting - Andrea Bennetti, Director, Noordwijk, Netherlands

Satellite Talent - Ian Stammers, Managing Director, Brighton, UK

SATLANTIS - Luis Boada, Corporate Development, Madrid, Spain

SatRevolution - Radosław Łapczyński, CSO, Wrocław, Poland

Sky and Space Global - Meir Moalem, Co -Founder & CEO, London, UK

Space Apps NYC - Joseph Spens, Lead Organizer, New York, USA

Space Frontier Foundation - Ricki Watkins, Communications Chair for NewSpace Conference 2017, Alexandria, USA

Space Micro - David Strobel, CEO, San Diego, USA

SpaceAnalyzer - Dimitris Sykas, Co -Founder & Director, Tallinn, Estonia

Spaceflight Industries - Jodi Sorensen, VP Marketing Comms, Seattle, USA

SpacePharma - Yossi Yamin, Founder & CEO, Courgenay, Switzerland

SpaceVault - Jason Aspiotis, Founder & CEO, San Francisco, USA

Synergy Moon - Kevin Myrick, CEO, San Francisco, USA

Tethers Unlimited Inc - Rob Hoyt, CEO, Bothell, USA

United Space Structures - Bill Kemp, Founder & CEO, Washington DC, USA