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Winners of the People's NewSpace Company 2017

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The New Space Industry needs a low cost, easily adopted and high throughput optical communications architecture...we represent that. Xenesis...see the light and connect.

Over the past 30 months, we've designed a Multi-Layered Terrestrial Bypass Optical Mesh Network to deliver a much needed asset to the Space industry...what we like to call "Endless Spectrum®". We deliver this via the Xen Hub®, a newly patented laser/optical communications technology invented by CalTech and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in a license partnership.

We realized over the past 2 years, that by solving a major asset tracking problem within the Aviation industry, we were creating more problems than we were solving. The problem is Down-linking massive amounts of data (in a mission critical environment). By solving this problem, we have positioned ourselves to eventually become a major player in the High Throughput Satellite industry, at very low cost.

Our current solution is already flight tested, proven and patented. The Xen Hub® delivers a 5X increase in downlink capacity, while offering it's users as much as a 10X decrease in overall spend. We are partnered with Georgia Tech, JPL, NASA, Space Works, Blink Astro and Atlas Space Operations.

Over the coming months and years, we will be designing & launching the Intercessor Constellation® which will have PB capacity and will revolutionize the market with full terrestrial bypass Free Space Optical comms with an uptime of > 99%. Combined with a robust and World-first Optical Ground Segment and dedicated CDN...the World will finally have an affordable, low-latency and high capacity optical network.