Caelus Partners


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Winners of the People's NewSpace Company 2017

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Chief Executive Officer
Company Details

Caelus Partners is an organization focused on Space industry opportunities and Investors by providing strategic consulting investment services that are of value to investors, entrepreneurs and nation state governments. Our duties are to build partnerships between Nation-State space agencies, commercial organizations and investors (both individual, venture capital, nation-states and banking institutions) to harmonize and create Space opportunities that impact general audiences globally. We manage space investment deals that are valued between $10M to $100M and are applicable to Earth markets. Additionally, we are responsible for leading the efforts globally to identify and influence national and international policy gaps in the economic and security arena that impact the investment deals as well as individuals associated with it.

A key project within Caelus Partners that we are conducting is a project to institutionalize and bring global economic, nation state and social stability to the space domain – Community in Space™. The Community in Space™ (CiS) is a privately led concept that allows for all interested stakeholders (nation-states, businesses and scientific organizations) to have a common frame of reference in order to develop the requirements to sustain and improve the social, economic, and governing environment in the space domain.